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Light Fitting System

Lighting is more than just illumination of commercial or private space. Lighting requirements are unique to each application. For instance, lighting in a high tech factory will differ from lighting in an industrial plant. Likewise, the lighting of an office full with computers will not be the same with the one used for product display.

Uli Group's vast array of lights and lighting accessories can be combined in a variety of ways to contribute to business image and productivity. Proper lighting can be used to enhance effectiveness at work by minimising strain on employees. In addition, the appropriate lighting can create the right mood to reflect a company's business, not to mention to project a good impression on visitors and customers.

Below are some images of Uli Group's lighting products:

Ballast & Choke
VDT Module
Fluorescent Batten

For more information, please visit http://www.goodlite.com.my