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Quality Policy Statement

The U-LI Group's Quality Policy Statement are:

1.Customer's Appraisal
To continuously practice and up keep respectful Business Ettiquette towards total customer satisfaction by implementing the Quality Management System (ISO 9001).

2.Prompt, Initiative & Knowledge Growth
To fulfil customer's expectations of product qualities and timely deliveries through competent employees.


The U-LI Group is committed to stringent quality control procedures. The Group carries out quality checks throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the finest products are delivered to its customers. The Group's products are tested by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to certify their tensile and load strength to ensure quality and consistency.

Among the accreditation received by the Group are:

SIRIM QAS International ISO 9001:2008
Sirim QAS's Product Certification Licence for Cable Support Systems & Accessories.

Research & Development

All research and developmental work are carried out by the Group's Research & Development department. With the aid of advanced design software, the department is able to design and develop new products as well as improve on the Group's existing products, the overall production process and technical aspects. The Research & Development department develops and tests quality moulds, tools and dies which further enhances accuracy and precision in the production process.

Parallel to the Group's R&D policy is its marketing strategy. Existing customers can be confident of product enhancements, product upgrades and dedicated after sales services, while potential customers also benefit as the Group is committed to providing only quality and superior products.